Frequently Asked Questions

First wedding photographed in France in 2004

Do you work by yourself or as part of a team?
I cover each wedding personally, as I believe that in choosing a photographer you are selecting someone with a definite creative style, and are not just looking for a record of the event. If I am not available for your date, I can put you in touch with a select number of other photographers who work in a similar approach to my own.

What does your coverage entail?
I photograph the entire day’s events, starting from the bride and grooms’ preparations, followed by the marriage ceremony and continuing right through the evening up until the cake-cutting and first dances. For a typical wedding, my presence varies from anywhere between 8 and 12 hours.

How much time do you allow for the more formal pictures?
As my approach is based on a reportage style, capturing moments as they naturally unfold before the camera, I like to keep the group photos down to a minimum. This typically lasts about 15 to 20 minutes, and will involve close family and the bridal party.
I also feel it is important to spend about 30 minutes, at an appropriate moment in the proceedings, when the bride and groom are suitably relaxed, to capture a variety of portrait shots. I photograph the married couple as naturally as possible,using available light and avoiding poses that are too obviously staged.I seek out those unguarded moments of intimacy and enjoyment, which are the expression of such a momentous day.

What is the proportion of colour to black & white, and do you retouch your pictures?
There is no set rule, but usually it works out at around two thirds colour and one third black & white. Having worked for over 10 years previously with film, I have developed a sensitivity to those images that feel right and convey the appropriate emotion in one medium or the other. I often use black & white for the more intimate moments, such as the preparations, church ceremony, and the portraits, and allow the colour to express the festive, celebratory atmosphere, notably during the cocktail reception and on the dancefloor.
When I transitioned to digital, I remained faithful to my core principles : creating meaningful photographs that have real depth and convey emotion. I believe in natural-looking pictures, viewed and felt through the camera, and not images fabricated on the computer. I don’t apply photoshop filters, but I do believe it’s essential to optimise each image in terms of colour balance, contrast and luminosity.

Do you provide all the pictures or a selection?
A wedding reportage is by its very nature a means of recounting a story . It is an essential part of my job therefore to carry out an edit to choose all those successful photos that when put together make up the narrative of this special day. I value quality over quantity and strongly believe after 20 years experience, that 300-500 strong images, will provide a much more impactful souvenir, lasting over time, than two to four thousand average pictures.

I submit all photographs that I consider important to you, while exercising my professional duty, as with all commissioned work, to eliminate bad expressions, mistakes, repeat shots etc.

What equipment do you use?
I have two professional Nikon cameras, a full range of lenses and 2 Nikon flashguns. I work throughout the day with both cameras, using one with a small wide angle lens to capture scenes and moments, and the other with a longer lens for portraits and individual expressions.

When will we receive our wedding photos?
I aim to have the complete selection ready to send on a usb key/flashdrive and the web gallery online, within 4 to 6 weeks of the wedding, when in high season.
The creation of albums/books is an artistic process that requires the appropriate time to produce a final keepsake of the highest quality. I therefore keep in regular contact with clients to inform them of the completion date of their orders. When the albums/ books cannot be delivered in person, they are sent by secure means with appropriate insurance cover.